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A Luxury Alaskan Cruise is a Great Vacation Choice

When most people think of a luxury cruise their thoughts turn to tropical ports of call surrounded by crystal blue waters. Alaska is not always the first destination most people think of when choosing a cruise, but those who do visit this largest of states aboard ship will tell you it is not to be missed. There is a rawness to this land that is hard to describe without seeing it and a cruise will give you a view that most people will never see.

Depending on how adventurous you are there are several ways to enjoy the experience of an Alaskan cruise. For the more adventurous soul who wants to explore every nook and cranny of a particular area there are day charters on small boats available. While they may be short on comfort and amenities these day charters allow you to get up close and personal with everything this land has to offer.

For those more inclined to sit back and enjoy the scenery from farther out and in more comfort then a large cruise ship is the answer. Carrying upwards of three thousand people these large floating hotels are the picture of pampered comfort where your every want and need is taken care of by an attentive staff. Depending on the length of the cruise you will also get the chance to visit several ports of call where you can take part in different shore excursions, one of which might include a day trip on a small boat charter.

Once you get off the ship you will not be lacking in things to do. Many of the ports of call have a very old west rustic feel to them. You can also take hikes through the temperate rain forests that run along the rugged coastline, go watch brown bears catch salmon during their yearly spawning run, or charter a fishing boat and go catch some salmon or halibut yourself. And the best part is that while you are doing these things you will be surrounded by some of the most pristine wilderness on the face of the earth.

There is one experience on a cruise to Alaska that you will not experience anywhere else; visiting one of the many glaciers that tumble directly into the sea. A cruise will normally offer two ways to enjoy the glacier experience. You can watch from on board ship as huge chunks of ice break free from the glaciers face and plunge into the water or you can take a guided trip and actually walk across this vast moving river of ice.

The wilderness of Alaska is vast and largely untamed, making any trip there a true adventure. How you choose to see it is up to you but an Alaskan luxury cruise can be a truly memorable experience.

Source by Andrew Bicknell

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