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Agra – Endless Enchantment!

What makes Agra such an enjoyable holiday destination? Well the reasons are obvious. Its close proximity to Delhi makes it a perfect holiday choice and easily reached by bus, train, or air. With more than million visitors a year, Agra is one of the most visited cities in the country and everyone has their own individual reasons for visiting this ‘City of Taj’! Agra is home to many iconic attractions ranging from the incomparable Taj Mahal to the magnificent Agra Fort, the Swami Bagh and Ram Bagh gardens and countless tombs and other monuments, each full to the brim of Mughal flavor.

You can’t even think of the fun that Agra can offer. There are many activities such as site seeing, eating out in the restaurants in Agra, astonishing nightlife in Agra, and many more. Agra is well known for its wonderful cuisine. Wherever you dine, be it a small café or a sumptuous restaurant in Agra, you are guaranteed fantastic food to satisfy all taste buds! Agra specialties are petha, a kind of exceptionally sweet candy, and Dal Moth, a zesty lentil mix. Both are also well-liked souvenirs. When the sun sets Agra is rejuvenated. This stunning location is matched by a pulsating nightlife. Being the most visited city in India, nightlife in Agra can cater for all requirements. There is more romance associated with Agra than probably any other city in the country. For this reason, nightlife in Agra becomes a perfect setting for couples to retreat to for a romantic break.

Another attraction for Agra holiday is the startling array of shopping options available to you. First and foremost, Agra is a haven for shoppers. The most eminent stores are near the Taj complex. Indeed there are many fashionable shopping outlets in Sadar Bazaar with boutique stores selling the latest fashions in shoes, clothes, handbags, perfumes and other additions to the wardrobe. There are also other markets for shopping in Agra that are well worth checking out, in particular the Kinari Bazaar and Munro Road. Overall, shopping in Agra is fun and is an extremely wonderful experience!

To know more about Agra in addition to information about the restaurants in Agra, centres of Shopping in Agra, etc., go online, visit a travel site; a few clicks of the mouse will let you have access to the information you want.

Your spree for shopping in Agra can be well met in the lanes and by-lanes outside the Taj Mahal and in the markets. Opt for buying handicrafts special to the city. There are numerous Restaurants in Agra where you can satisfy your taste buds with the cuisine you want – Indian and continental.

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