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Love Relationship Need Help? Love Rituals to Heat Up Your Bedroom and Create Passion and Romance

It took me forty years to learn that I train my mate how to treat me and if I want to keep that loving feeling it was half my responsibility. Follow these easy to apply love rituals to heat up your bedroom and recapture your passion and romance.

o Schedule a special date. On the night of the date order in or cook a nice romantic meal. After dinner and light loving conversation. Light a candle and run a warm bath. Give your mate a bath from head to toe, in your mind see them as the person you met. Feel the passion that you felt on the first date.

o After you towel dry your mate. Lay them on a warm dry towel that you can get oil on. Next massage their back. Pay attention to loving, nurturing touch, and listen to their needs. As you feel their body for tension and send love through your hands, you establish loving touch. Release as much stress from their body as possible. Massage their upper shoulders, neck, and around their shoulder blades. Stay in the moment and don’t be thinking about your day, or the next step, stay present with loving, nurturing touch.

o After you have given your partner loving touch on their back and neck. Move to their feet. Massage their feet, and stay present with nurturing touch. The feet represent the entire body and have pressure points that respond to each part of the body. As you massage the arch of the foot you are relaxing the spine. Massage the toes and you are relaxing the head, neck, and upper shoulders. Massage the heel of the feet and massage the legs and lower torso. You can bring the entire body to balance by giving a great nurturing and loving foot massage.

Source by Annie B Lawrence

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