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Marriage Retreats – A Way To Loving Each Other Again

So many couples get married and then as the years go by, forget the spirit of their vows. They are said on a day of great happiness, so it's easy to say them. But, when things get tough in a marriage, the vows are forgotten. "For Better or For Worse." Of course we just want the better, but life is never like that. It's like a pair of scales: to have balance, you must have both sides. There are many ways to get back to a loving marriage and one of these is marriage retreats.

So, what is a marriage retreat? Well, it's a place where you can go to escape your normal environment. You go as a couple, and there may be other couples there at the same time. The aim of a marriage retreat is to give you a safe time and place for you both look at your marriage together, work out how to improve it, and find ways to strengthen your marriage.

The retreat will give you back the sense of being a couple away from your everyday pressures of life, work and family, a place to have time to sit down and really talk together. A marriage retreat is usually led by a professional therapist or marriage counselor. They are both able to analyze problems and issues within your marriage.

Your therapy will last between 2-7 days, giving you both time together to reflect on your marriage. If infidelity has been an issue in your marriage, then you will be able to talk to a specialized counselor who may be able to help you forgive your partner.

The aim of the retreat is to get you back to wanting to stay married.

Communication is the key to help save marriage passion. Within the safety of the marriage retreat, you are encouraged to express yourselves without being destructive. When you are able to really talk to each other, then you can move forward and find solutions to your problems.

There are various activities available at a marriage retreat to help you re-bond with your partner.

1) Challenge courses – They promote team work, communication and self-determination. They will encourage you to face a difficulty, physically or emotionally, then to overcome it individually or as a couple

2) Couple games – These help you to communicate better as a couple. The longer you stay at the retreat, the more the games will rely on skills learned in the earlier games, showing you positive reinforcement.

3) Counseling – It's available so you both can talk openly and freely, but also to listen to what your partner needs to say.

Marriage retreats offer a getaway but with back up to help you both take a good, long look at your marriage. You have nothing to lose in trying one, and everything to gain !!

Source by Esther Lenz

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