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Sexy Gifts For Your Wife Or Girlfriend – 3 Unique Ideas

Many men would like to give sexy gifts for their wife or girlfriend but they’re often at a loss when it comes to specifics. Whether you’re searching for sexy Christmas gifts, sexy Valentines or anniversary gifts, or “just because” sexy gifts for her, here are three unique ideas, in order of least expensive to luxury-priced.

1. Sexy Photo Calendar. One very romantic guy I know hired a photographer to do a photo shoot, and then used the pictures to create a calendar as a sexy gift for his wife. The photos were all very tasteful (yet unmistakably sexy!) and showed different aspects of him that she loved – his athletic side, showing him doing a pushup in a white muscle shirt that showed off his sexy arms and shoulders – and his cowboy side, complete with cowboy hat pulled down over his eyes and wearing nothing but faded jeans and an open leather vest. You get the idea!

Of course, it takes a bit of advance planning if you need professional photos taken, but if you already have a collection of photos of yourself that you know she likes, why not use them? Or, for a more romantic spin on the sexy calendar concept, use photos of the two of you together.

You can even build your own calendar online by uploading your photos and customizing your calendar before ordering a print. There are lots of online options for this, two examples being and Mac users can even build calendars directly in iPhoto, and then order with a click of the mouse.

2. Pole Dancing Pole. If she’s into fitness (or wants to be) a dance pole is one of the trendiest fitness gifts you can give. And while gifting a treadmill or stationary bike can land you in the doghouse (“are you saying I’m fat?”), a dance pole is all about the fun factor.

Pole dancing as a form of exercise continues to grow in popularity, so if she’s hinted she’d like to give it a try, why not surprise her with her very own pole dancing pole for home use? They range in price from about $150 to $350 (depending on the quality, installation method and materials), which is very reasonable when compared to other types of home fitness equipment.

Women say learning to pole dance not only makes them stronger and fitter, but it gives them more confidence and self-esteem. And what’s sexier than a strong, fit, confident woman? If you’re lucky, she may even be willing to show you her new skills once she’s learned some moves. Bonus!

3. Sexual Empowerment Course. If you want to give the ultimate in sexy gifts for her, you might consider signing the two of you up for a couples’ retreat. Even if your sex life is already good, taking time away with your partner to focus on just the two of you, and to learn about what makes each other tick, is a great way to deepen your relationship.

These days, there are so many options to choose from that you’re bound to find one that’s right for the both of you. Perhaps a couples Tantric sex retreat appeals, or maybe a Yoga weekend for couples that teaches exercises and breathing techniques designed to enhance your intimacy and physical relationship is something she’d like to explore.

This year, instead of yet another piece of itchy lingerie that only looks great on a model, why not give her a sexy gift that’s unique, creative, and chosen with her interests in mind? She’ll love you all the more for it!

Source by Susan Peach

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