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World Cruises – Who in the World Can Afford That?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a cruise? Are you visiting the islands of the South Pacific? Are you traveling through the historic Panama Canal?

You can see all this and more by taking a cruise around the world. Of course the second thing that comes to mind is who has the money to afford a world cruise?!

A world cruise is certainly more expensive than most vacations or the one week cruise you might have taken. And they are longer too. World cruises can last anything between 100 days to 115 days. That’s easily three months at sea. Only the retired (and of course wealthy) can frequent such trips. Still it’s not impossible for us ordinary working folks to take one as well. Here are a few ways in which world cruises can be afforded by the ones who are not in the category of the super rich.

How to Save Money on World Cruises?

1. Pick the inside cabin

World cruises can cost anything from $50,000 to $200,000, and that easily falls into the category of unaffordable for many people. The wealthy people who book these cruises are able to afford the best of the best, so it’s highly unlikely they’ll opt for the inside cabin (a cabin with no view). Great deals can be found if you’re game for booking an inside cabin, that’s possible even on luxury ships. A little hunting around and consulting various travel agents will yield optimum results and you can come across fares as low as $120 day. If you keep in mind that this is going to be a vacation lasting over three months, that’s a pretty good deal.

2. Freighter Cruising

If you’re not interested in the glitzy entertainment and posh extras of most cruise liners, then a freighter cruise is a good option. Prices can go as low as $90 a day or maybe even lower and plus you get to avoid the maddening crowds and rush. On a freighter it’s just around 12 passengers and the crew. It’s a peaceful and relaxing way around the world.

3. Booking just a part/segment of the world cruise

On world cruises you get to visit a whole lot of interesting places and ports that regular cruises don’t. But if you are unable to afford the whole cruise or you are not able to get three months of leave off work, booking just a segment or part of the cruise is always an open option. These cruises usually last around 10 days to two weeks and are held during the ship’s world cruise. You get to see the ports you really would like to see and you get back home with some money in the bank.

So, you can conclude from this that cruises around the world don’t exist only in the rich man’s universe. They may be more affordable than you thought.

Source by Brian Witherford

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